Monday, August 30, 2010

have you ever?

have you ever feel that you need something new so badly so that you could forget any old memories, well that's my current feeling and i hope everythings gonna be okay bcos it has been a while since i've had this feeling.AMIN :)

=)ain, lapar betul!

Friday, August 27, 2010

halo halo dunia!

yes its been a while kan? i've been quite busy running here there but it was all worth it.
at first, it was quite hard working at a advertising company but then after a while its kindda fun!
so i am very thankful to Allah for this opportunity and thx kpd kawan2 for the support! ieza n ili byk layan kerenah ain masa my first few days! hhehehehe love u guys!
ok now i want to talk about my supervisor.. he is the most interesting person i've ever met! he could be really moody but he alwaays been there for me and he appreciates every small lil thing that i do and i learnt a lott . I just learnt so much from him till i feel sad to say goodbye to him. thank u laurent! u really taught me to be wiser and more confident :) just hope i'll get to see you again and laugh at the jokes that always cracks me up!
and also my friend ting lee! shes just super duper nice and sweet to me and she made me so comfortable working there, so ting lee thank u for being such a super sweet friend to me!

now i am like super sleepy.

=) new changes are good!