Thursday, August 27, 2009


hati gundah gulana tapi rasa bersalah tiada cuma rasa kecewa yang bertimba2.

balik2 dapat ym ni.. prayers is always with u...i know u had gone through some hard times for sure...but trust me..i really treat u like my own sister indeed..because i dont have any and i really wan to have a sister...race doesnt matter in this because...chinese and malay is just a race...but the understanding makes the talking here...i know...perhaps..its fated..we get to know each other...but trust me..seeing u in sadness..does not make me happy too...because u dont deserved too...this all might sound stupid to u..but is my true strong and be who u are..and not because of ppl how u wan to be...i know u can make it..and im always by ur side to support u no matter how and in what condition..u always have my prayers by my side...

: -from ur guardian angel la konon..yg x leh terbang pasal gendut-

honestly simon, thanks, terharu weh i baca.sayang kau simon.

n plus jumpa nono yang comel kasi baju yang comel..tengs nono, lain kali nak jumpa lama sikit eh?
buka puasa pun sedap..
hati masi gundah gulana, tapi nak buat macam mana..
orang macam tu selalu rugi, ain fokus je ain fokus.
hee, ain nevamind, after all you still have other friends who make you happy.

=)ain, i have to learn to make 'the-i-dont-care-about-u-go-die-la' face.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh i miss you!

Ain truly madly deeply miss my family like soooo much........
Just hanging out with them is like soo nice...
Plus ada Ida yang meniaga jambu skarang so kalau lepas mesti dihidang jambu yang die sangat sayang..
Esh rinduuuu. rinduu. ;(
Now assignment macam laut, takpe ain keep swimming.
Use baju raya and kampung as your motivation!
Kamon! you can do it!
ohh plus ain sangat jatuh cinta ngan baju yang ain book kat nono sampai tak sabaa nak pakai raya nanti..heee.

rindu haziq yang sayang gile kat kasut ain.

rindduuuu cari uban ida. p.s-ain terer gile sampai die tertido.

rindu kanak2 ini menjerit2 anti ain dengan slank ala ala mat salleh.

arwah bak..the person whom i adored since i could remember. i miss you tok bak..i miss eating cadbury bytes while lying beside u on the hospital bed..ntah..this was the last time i saw him before masuk MMU, he was so proud ain masuk MMU..omaigod..rindu. dah tanak tulis nanti sedih.

gedik gile, take care plis, i am kind of worried for you young lady.

si lembu gile yang saya sayang sangat.

tok mak..i miss the times when you could still remember and can cook dishes yang sangaaaat sedap, but tok mak no matter what, hari hari ain ingat tok always make me feel full of love and i cant stop laughing when i am with you, i just love you. tunggu ok tok mak, i'm coming homeeee.

ha ni si hensem sorang ni i kenot waitt to kiss his fluffy cheeks. oh tu la kak syakey :) die selalu cakap benda benda sweet kat ain.hee love u both.:)

=)ain, dahla penat sesi rindu2 ni, i need to sleep, hujan pulak. byee.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

roti comel!

okay ni khas for my friends yang ingin mengajar anak2 nya nanti untok makan sayur..
its art on sandwich..sumpah amaze tengok... nanti insyaAllah anak2 ain kalau tak makan sayur ain akan guna taktik sama berserta dialog seperti ini: "anak2, mami wants you to eat ur vege's! and mami present to you this sandwich art! makan cepat, jangan gedik sangat! penat mami ukir.."
surely anak2 ain nanti akan rasa kasihan dan makan sayur. great plan!! but if they inherited my tummy then taktik seperti ini tak perlu cos i eat almost everything that is on the table.=)ain, panggilan mami tak sure lagi. haha gile gedik fikir anak2. maaf.

gedik gedik.

oh last week kan i did not went back..
so things get crazy and wild here in cyber.
its between ain the perasan, dody partaay animal and ili gee-gee bayby2.
(nama samaran hanya sebagai hiburan)
now, the pictures! comel roomate aku ni!

senyuman manis dari kami.

inspired by cerita iblis rambut putih.

ni nenek kami. die sakit tapi mampu tersenyum.

dari nenek, dody berlakon menjadi gadis korea comel.

teringin berlagak seperti laki laki.


dody pakai head band ala ala gypsy!

this is the best indeed :)

=) dody, we loce ur webbie!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

it never ends.

no matter what i feel before this ma..
my love for you has never ever get lesser..
no matter how empty i feel when i am at home now..
i am still there kan..because i love you.
i know i am often silence but that is because i dont want to say the things i've always wanted to tell you..
i dont want to hurt you..but i can feel that ur sad because of me. i am sorry mama.

i feel like writing these long time ago but then only now i've found the right things to say.
this week has been a rather emotional week for me.
its a mix of both happiness n sadness.
i often feel that i hurt my mother by acting the way i have been.
my parents have brought me up well.
that's why i love them both, equally.
but then all the rough times we have been through has effected me in some ways that i could not be in a place that is full with stress and anger. i just cant.
now, whenever i am in that situation i just feel empty, i feel sad and i'll do any work half heartedly.
that is why no matter how sad or down i am, i'll try to put a smile on my face.
because that is the only cure. just smile because if i follow the whisper of my sadness, then sadness is what i'll get, but if i put on a smile no matter what, its happiness that i'll get.
and that is just what i need.
i just watched talentime just now, and it makes me feel all this emotions because that story contains so much love for family and also surroundings.
blame that story for making me so emotional rite now.
i like this part when melor's adik is brushing her hair and melor said she dont feel like singing that night and her adik said this to her: you have to,because you're in pain, more better time to be brilliant.
gile kan, like so powerful the words used in that story, may Allah bless Yasmin Ahmad for being such a brilliant storyteller.

senyum je, life will never always be as u wish ain, kamon be strong.

=)ain, hope for more oh so brighter days.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sweet dreams.

these days the thing i love most to do is of coz sleeping.

so nice.

bangun pagi. tunggu breakfast. tak mandi. den tido lagi.

plus my ubat batuk is like dadah. makan je tros tido like theres no tomorrow.

but then again, tido is so nice. tido is like the most best thing beside chocolate.

aahhh so peaceful, thinking of sleeping je dah makes me so tenang di hati.

oh yes i am now alone kat hostel waiting for dedy to pick me up.

ayah macam tak percaya tadi bila ain cakap i want to go back...

si simon pulak baru hanta audibles penyanyi cina mana ntah sumpah scary.

n he said there's nothing to be scared bcos he is my guardian angel tapi cuma die tembam sikit so he cant fly to me. so sweet kau ni simon. :) aku nak mara pon kenot sbb kau baik.

now mi work is like banyak gila. not like before.. :(

sometimes i feel like memang malas gila nak buat then teringat ayah yang selalu berkata.

ain, ayah kena kerja kuat. ain pon taw.

okay ayah, i'll try my very best.

mama pon is getting better with me. thanks ma.

i just wish everything to be okay, not perfect, but okay.

aimis yu puddycat n oso semua! rindu nak tengok zatey di dunia cyber. td die online fesbuk kejap.hoho happy nampak nama dia online. haha :)

=)ain, i want to mimpi indah tonite.