Monday, September 29, 2008

last day of puasa..

through out bulan ni lots lots n lots of things had happened to me..

ada yg happy=)
ada yg sdey=(
n ada fashion mulfunction..haha...

ok yg happy dapat spend time wif gonjs dapat buka sahur together, my suprise bday, g shopping ngan gonj cha n oso my assuntarian frens..o o n main lantern ngan geng budak cina,serisuly i enjoyed it!

oh yg sdey i realize that i dont want to end up being like what i had been seeing all this years and the relationship that i've always wanted to be long term did not worked..but takpe maybe it is a gud thing to happen.. i've learned that kalau suka je it does not bring anything,we have to have commited and absolutely 0% ego..

n fashion mulfunction is my hairr! ada mak cik cina ni kat puchong dari dulu lagi.. wen it comes to my hair die excited gila..maybe coz ain ikot je cakap die suke experiment new hair style on my head! bile ain masok je kedai die tros tny asal lama tak datang.. pastu ada budak ni mula2 die tanak potong so it was my turn tetibe die nak pulak so mak cik cina geram ngan die die cakap "ceeppaat laaa,saya mau potong rambut byk lagi" ada byk gile experience ngan die b4 dis yg tetibe die straighten rambot ain.. die trim rambot without me asking n free! she just love hairs i guess.. pastu masa die potong muke die gile bersemengatt! ain takot gile! she cut n cut my fringe... my inspiration was sofia jane but i ended up like.......(tgk gamba kat bwh) gmba di bulan puasaaa....=)
chosy and ain at sp!
hanisss!!! rendu gilee..nnt ain upload gmba lain kat frenster..
ayah n ain mana ada style lain gmba ktorang..
last last jadi cam patung korea tak jadik! nak macam sofia janneeee! =(
p/s gmba ni disengajakan blurr..
oh esok is the last day of puasa!! ain ada 3 lagi potoshoot ngan kecik which is leading line, shadow and silhoutte.