Wednesday, July 15, 2009


in this post there is no specfic thoughts, i just type any random thoughts in my mind.

I dono why, this past few days, i get easily irritated and slalunya terjadi dalam kelas MI or anyting kat lab.
I am usually not this sensitive or cepat rasa marah macam ni. but now. i donno.
Especially masa tengah present my self promo, i was down like hell. dahla kelas sejuk and i was coughing so everytime batuk, organ dalaman sumpah i didnt feel like talking at all..
and this is so not me. oh now i curse a lot too. so not me lagi.. cane la nak stop. paiz, ur money jar method is so susah nak buat. i love money.
pastu masa present, i dont feel my work is satisfying enough, i shud have done better.
and my lecturer madam antasha is like super garang with everyone. but i dont hate her. i like her, she makes me wanna work harder..and i will work harder.

Oh haritu chat ngan syerieee! her life is getting tougher. sumpah badan kau macam besi syerie.
kebal gile, she can handle anything that comes to her and she has been gettin DL since first masuk. gileeee and she still reads A. Samad Said books.

i do realize that i am quite heartless, i dont quite feel anything.
it's not that i am cruel or kejam macam firaun, just rasa kosong skarang ni.
nasib i have frens here that always be here, semalam sahur sarden ngan tuna, sedap gile.

oh and i am so glad that this year i got my closure between me and my 'used to be always there for me'.so macam lega both of them said that they are sorry for hurting me dulu.
its not like that i am hurt pon tapi macam wen they said the most difficult words to say so rasa diorang sincere and i could move on with them as friends.
to me, after any break ups ke apa, i dont like to leave it hang there, macam takkan nak bermusuh lets stay frens la because after all they have been such nice friends to me.
so yeah i am happy that we clear things up. :)

and i dont like you and you keep immitating my voice, so stop it please.
dah i need to wash my clothes, tuan rumah ayah dah amik balik washing machine.

my papatok, gile cool kan die pakai topi. haha. malam ni gonjengs is having dinner at my grandparents house :)

=)ain, now my dada is lapang.