Wednesday, November 11, 2009


hi halo.
kelas mi skarang semakin berwibawa!
siap ada kelas exercise..hee..dulu sume majoring lain jeles sebab kitorang chill tade keja sangat but now itu semua tinggal kenangan.
so here is my first exercise. we need to copy exactly the same picture yang diberi.
i choose this popcorn box. so here it is:)

this is the ori pic.

and ta-da! this is my version! hi ili!

and this is first assy for environment media, we have to do a directory pylon and i choose to do it at Presint 9 apartments..done with ai and photoshop.

the theme is green and cozy so that is why the colour theme is brown green and white.

:) ain, yay! first time siap assy awal without pressure:)