Monday, May 10, 2010

loosen up.

halu dunia.
now its holiday, say goodbye so long to gamma people!
my hands are itching to write these days.mentang2 dah freeee.
lately i have been constatnly told by ayah to loosen up and have more fun.
sometimes i get toooooo serious, i know, i realize it too.
and what really open my alien eyes much bigger is yesterday.
I went for an interview yesterday, woke up in the morning as usual, no butterflies at allll.
weird slalunya panic lebih2 siap peluh.
it was all fine till i was in the building, i was nervous and i have this thing when i am nervous english gua macam haram! haih -__-'' hate it hate it!
ada ke orang cakap can i see your work and i answered thank you! stupid you ain!
i pinched my leg like hell sebab maluuu nak gelak!
but then the interview went quite okay and i am waiting for the call today.
ALHAMDULILAH. thank you to ayah mama and all my friends for good luck wishes and support:)
oh back to have fun matter, see i really need to loosen up here and there to not be too nervous.
but then biasalah first time kot, surely la nervous!
but i am really hope to be working there, really. hope evertyhing goes well.AMIN!

p.s-kawan2, i am reallllly going to miss you guys:( miss watching movie with fara,
miss hearing zatey immitating the orange, miss shouting to ili, and miss misss all.
nanti jumpa okay bila free.kalau dapat duit jom makan besar!

gambar terpaksa dipink di blur dan macam macam lagi sebab phone quality buat muka nampak capuk.haih. oh btw thank you ayah for being so patience with me.(^^,)

=) ain, tertinggal berus, pakai jari ah gosok gigi pagi ni.