Sunday, December 5, 2010


hello hello!
happy sundayyy! it's been a while! too busy with my final year stuff and finally its holidays!
tiduuuuuurrrr zzzzz like! but still many works to be done, jangan malas ain, get it done.
haih honestly i hate writing thesis, too many words! i'd prefer doing designs or eating!
but still it has to be done.
my mind had been jumping these past few weeks so i really hope this holidays is dramaless and just let me be in peace,i really super need it! oh and i'd seen too many accidents this week and it scares me! it shows that life is short, so i have to live life to the fullest and banyakkan lagi solat!
i love going out with ayah on sunday :)
hello my funny people!
annoying oranges.-__-'' jai calls me that because i'm round and yeah annoying!
gonjeng's at wedding yesterday. had fun! delicious food!
my sunday findings: cupcake tray and mickeys hand, super cute!

=)ain, hey hey hey jangan malaaaaas!