Friday, June 26, 2009

It dont matter if youre black or white!

tajuk di atas berdasarkan lagu MJ. May you rest in peace.
oh yeah for mi i choose to be a happy meal :)
kiranya my qualities of a designer macam happy meal.
donno how to make it to sense.
tapi i'll try.
minggu ni semakin hectic. ishk.
my pimples da menonjol balik.
now i felt like shopping cha cakap kat sunway like crazy tetiba bag lawa lawa and murah.
tadi gi kedai cina vcd pon diorang pasang lagu MJ. gile aahh.. macam semua rasa lost dia as the king of pop!

But, if Youre thinkin About my baby It dont matter if youre Black or white.
oh yeah it was sang by adam, just want to show that MJ was loved by all.heee.

=),ain, thanks ayah!