Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wont you?

well..until wat happened today it made me realize that in life i have to have balance in life.
i could have much of fun but still i have to remember my responsibilities as a Muslim.
i might not be perfect but still....heh...i just have to balance it..
and till just now, i realized that after all happened, it turned me into a cold person...
my symphathy towards people around me is lesser these days. i'm sorry.
i guess that i can't feel sorry no more. especially towards whom i love. i'll just say it out.
i know i owe my ayah an apology but what i did is for him.
i dont think i should just shut up and let him be like that.
i'm sorry. and i love you. i know nobody is perfect but we can be better kan?
i just wish i am not so cold as i am now.