Friday, September 11, 2009

cute bento's!

i personally loooove japanese food..
one of it is bento..bento ni macam all kind of food dalam bekas macam lunch box.
haritu i was browsing for reference apa ntah i saw this!
and i fell in love with the bento designs..
i found this on Laura Bento's flickr.
she did all these adorable cute bento lunches for her husband..comel gile!
kalau ain mesti rasa happy hari hari makanan comel comel. :)

dia siap carve seaweed tu jadi train! nampak tak.

husband dia gila bola so she did this for him. masih ukir atas seaweed.
i looove the most! monster bento! hi elmo!

ain suka gila swirly sandwich tu! so nice.

xbox bento cos her husband loves xbox.

octopus sausage. comeeeeell.

ni macam telur bungkus except for instead of telur it is sticky rice. nyum!

mexican bento, the roti amazed me.
visit la her flickr sebab over there die explain each bento is for what and ada apa in each bento!
p.s-recently, i've just learned that sometimes being honest wont bring me any good -_-
i was agak sedih cos after being honest with you.. you are still being you.
=)ain, i just love food, i hope you do too^^!