Wednesday, September 30, 2009

masih penat.

okay 3 papers down down!
tapi apa result paper tu nnt haih tawakal plis..
penat gile.. buat 3d sampai terjojol mataaa...
need to learn more la buat 3d.
ok enough said..
this are pics of what happened so far bulan raya..:) aiden n ayah. hee so comel.
sayang semua ni.

i met cherrry n quillaa! after almost 3 years tak jumpaaa... :) cherry lawa gila. just imagine dulu masa form 1 die ala ala tomboy gitu n now fulamak aih so cun.

jambul siti nurhaliza, after bape hari no sleep my hair turns into this jambul. ili i donno whats wrong.

cha, thx for everything :) i love you too much.

sangat cantik kau ni chaa.

i am just blessed with all the people around me and this raya was a blast.
would'nt ask for more.
=)ain, just wish you could understand me just like how i tolerate with you.