Thursday, March 11, 2010

so much for lambert.

here's the thing. me and ayah is really into american idol.
as i said before, its like our highlight our thing and we can be really really emotional if someone we like is not in. memang over yes i know.
and now ada contestant nama alex LAMBERT and i dont really quite like his singing sebab when he sings its like sad takde spark yang buat ain over over.
thats why i love adam lambert he's over theatrical. tu yang buat cek jatuhh cinta adam oiii!

tp at least i have a solid reason for not liking him..
ayah tadi masa si alex ni nyanyi..
he looked at me and said, ayah tak suka la dia ni sebab nama dia ada lambert and dia malukan adam lambert.hahah sumpah tak faham reason dia.
but anyways..
see, we could really be over especially when it comes to adam lambert.
hi theree adam! asal la pegi singapore tp kalau datang sini macam ayah nak kasi kan. but i think if he comes here ayah yang akan ajak ain. maybe kan ayah?

=)ain, really really?