Monday, March 8, 2010

what more can i say.

i've been living and sleeping here and there for over a year.
i can adapt to all of these, dah biasa dah. malam ni rumah sana esok rumah sini.
but what i'm not used to is to make decision.
its like i want to stay here, but i have to go there.
it is so hard to satisfy people, especially the one u love.
i've been through a lot this past few years and received a lot of harsh words that i just cant get it out of my mind.
it is fine if u hear it from ur friends, but to hear it from people you love.
it hurts a lot a lot a lot.
and yes i admit i've lied before to escape myself from trouble.
its not that i want to but i have to and i'm really sorry i did that.
i love it here and i cant lie myself that i feel so empty there when i'm with you.
because the house used to be lots of fun, and now its just not the same.
and i seriously hate it when you would throw all this harsh words to me without even hearing my reasons out. again, it hurts a lot.
trust me it is so hard to try to respect two different decsion.
its like A said yes and B said no, so which one should u follow?

sorry for this over feeling post, i just need to let it out of my chest since i cant get it out of my mouth.

=)ain, still smiling my way through and back to my logo.