Thursday, August 27, 2009


hati gundah gulana tapi rasa bersalah tiada cuma rasa kecewa yang bertimba2.

balik2 dapat ym ni.. prayers is always with u...i know u had gone through some hard times for sure...but trust me..i really treat u like my own sister indeed..because i dont have any and i really wan to have a sister...race doesnt matter in this because...chinese and malay is just a race...but the understanding makes the talking here...i know...perhaps..its fated..we get to know each other...but trust me..seeing u in sadness..does not make me happy too...because u dont deserved too...this all might sound stupid to u..but is my true strong and be who u are..and not because of ppl how u wan to be...i know u can make it..and im always by ur side to support u no matter how and in what condition..u always have my prayers by my side...

: -from ur guardian angel la konon..yg x leh terbang pasal gendut-

honestly simon, thanks, terharu weh i baca.sayang kau simon.

n plus jumpa nono yang comel kasi baju yang comel..tengs nono, lain kali nak jumpa lama sikit eh?
buka puasa pun sedap..
hati masi gundah gulana, tapi nak buat macam mana..
orang macam tu selalu rugi, ain fokus je ain fokus.
hee, ain nevamind, after all you still have other friends who make you happy.

=)ain, i have to learn to make 'the-i-dont-care-about-u-go-die-la' face.